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WGE Productions

WGE Productions was formed in 1968 when a project called “Sing-A-Long At Shakey’s”, an LP on location stereo recording of the live sounds of the singing/dixie style of music that Shakey’s Pizza Parlor was producing across the USA. The musicians were Bruce L Warden, piano, and Frank Guzzardo, banjo who were appearing five nights a week providing singalong music for the audience as they ate pizza. For the recording session at the parlor, Mr. Max Ellis, string bass was added to give richness and bottom to the recording live sound. Through the association of three persons in this endeavor, the company name was developed and established from their first initials and has been in existence ever since developing different styles of projects in the music industry. Therefore, WGE Productions was born and is active currently even though the passing of Guzzardo and Ellis, Bruce L Warden is owner and CEO of the WGE complex.

In 1969, Bruce L Warden was accepted into the American Society Of Composers, Authors, & Publishers (ASCAP), first as a composer of songs.

WGE Music Publishing Company, ASCAP

In 1975, WGE Music Publishing Company was also accepted into the ASCAP music society venue to be able to house and control new song creations in addition to the first few written that were needing security and copyright protection through a publishing firm.

WGE Records

In 1979, WGE Records was created to inhouse some of the different project and music endeavors that needed a recording label. A list of projects are as follows:

Song Release Format Artist
1. Sing-A-Long At Shakey’s LP Bruce L Warden & Frank Guzzardo
2. Which Way To Go LP The Kings Men Four
3. Morningstar LP The MorningStar Trio
4. Maidan Voyage LP Bob Mathews
5. Flukes Of Dixie On Tour? LP Flukes Of Dixie
6. Everybody On The Floor 45 Single Tease
7. Part Of Me 45 single Frank Fiedler
8. Just Say No 45 single Jim Robinson
9. Sunshine Down The Middle Cassette Album Bruce L Warden
10. Ross Can Do It! Cassette Single Bruce L Warden
11. United We Stand, America! Cassette Single Bruce L Warden
12. Live At the Figgs Café’ CD Album Bruce L Warden & The Fravida Counts Four
13. Does Cubs Can Do It! CD Single Bruce L Warden
14. Payin’ Through the Nose! CD Album Bruce L Warden
15. Mr. Groovy GroundHog CD Album Jack Farina Big Band
16. Reflections Of My Heart CD Album Benny Jackson
17. A Real Swingin’ Christmas CD Album Benny Jackson

Warden & Williamson, the Bastille Boys American Songbook

After being contacted and finally chosen as the composer for a new Broadway musical development called, “The Cotton Club”, Bruce was advised to look for a collaborator to develop song melodies and lyrics. Mr. Mike Williamson of Rockford, IL became the lyricist associate with Bruce. From this, in 2010, the music composing team of Warden & Williamson was then established and started to develop a catalogue of songs in the various styles and venues in the music world for placement.

Warden Sound

Warden Sound Studios is a small studio layout for electronic type equipment that can accommodate some live recording, dubbing, and post mastering production for certain types of projects.

Our Available CD’s

Singalong at Shakey’s


Payin’ Through the Nose


Piano Man


Swingin’ Live at the Figgs


Mister Groovy Groundhog


Flukes of Dixie



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Singalong at Shakey’sPayin’ Through the NosePiano ManSwingin’ Live at the FiggsMister Groovy GroundhogFlukes of Dixie

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